About Us


CajonRoot was founded by Alejandro Moreno and Tom McAllister, two musicians and teachers with very different musical backgrounds and a common love of the cajon.

Having worked together on various musical projects, Alejandro and Tom felt there was a void to be filled in the UK and Europe where the cajon is still a relatively recent discovery. Little is understood about the origins of the cajon, even less is known about the techniques and playing-styles which evolved with the instrument before it's introduction to the mainstream. A lack of historical, contextual and musical understanding has also allowed an influx of poor quality, mass-produced instruments to saturate a market where good quality cajons are expensive and very difficult to find.

CajonRoot was created to unlock the true potential of the cajon; to illustrate the versatility of the instrument; to demonstrate a creative approach to playing and to provide an easy and enjoyable method of learning; to make quality instruments available and to accommodate a community where old knowledge and new ideas can be shared.

To achieve these goals we devised a new teaching method which uses traditional techniques, promotes a creative philosophy and encourages adaptability, improvisation and invention. We tracked down the best cajon-maker in the world, who shares his innovations, experience and skills with us in every Pepote cajon. With these invaluable tools and a new platform where we can all share our ideas and our music, we hope to reveal and expand the possibilities of this wonderful instrument.

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