Tribe of Doris Worshops

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Earlier this summer we took our group sessions to Tribe of Doris - a really lovely little festival held in Leicestershire. Doris has always been a drumming and dance-orientated event, and having expanded beyond the West-African styles which were the focal point of the festival in the early days, we were lucky enough to be invited along to share some cajón rhythms. Altogether the weekend was a huge success, we met some great people and had the opportunity to collaborate with some incredible musicians. There was a tremendous sense of unity among the 200-odd people at the festival, providing a fantastic backdrop for the workshops and a perfect environment for meeting and jamming with other musicians.

1. Our second of three group sessions – here little Alejandro demonstrates the best way to switch from a Tanguillo rhythm into a Rumba using syncopated double-strokes

2. Maestro y Comandante.

3. Later that day the group performed at the festival, working around a basic rhythm and taking it in turns to improvise using techniques and rhythms learned earlier in the workshops.

4. Everyone who played gave it their all and really enjoyed it – so did the crowd!

5. One of the great things about Doris is finding unique opportunities to collaborate with other musicians from all kinds of styles and backgrounds

6. Our third and final session took place outside in the sunshine and we were lucky enough to be joined by Sandra, who treated us to some Colombian – Venezuelan Joropo musical magic!

7. Later Ale got the chance to add some of his own tricks to Sandra's performance

8. Thanks to the Tribe of Doris team and to everyone who took part
in our cajón sessions – it was a perfect weekend and a pleasure to be a part of!

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